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Continuum LifePlan

CARE COORDINATION: A coordinated plan can bring peace of mind.

Every life is a journey that needs a village to support it. We are a law firm built around good people doing good work. Our dedicated professionals, in the areas of Estate Planning, Elder Law, Probate, Estate & Trust Administration, Care Coordination, and Fiduciary Tax & Accounting, are ready to help. We recognize everyone has a unique set of circumstances. This is why we are set up as a boutique-style firm. And like a personal concierge, we offer customized service. A coordinated effort means better outcomes for our clients.

Holistic Life Planning 

Estate planning is holistic life and legacy planning – looking at the full picture of someone's personal, tax, financial, and charitable goals to proactively create support systems when life transitions occur, at any age. Our team of professionals work together to prepare tailored estate plans as well as ongoing legal, tax, and care coordination support. When life happens, you can call us to help navigate through its complexities.

Our Continuum LifePlan 

At Schluter & Hughes Law Firm, PLLC we use our custom model called Continuum Life Plan to help families understand the natural progression of aging. We look at how long-term illness impacts a loved one's health, mobility, housing, and financial resources. We create customized plans that allow for growth and change. Planning for the future means planning for the “what-ifs” to ensure that an emergency action plan is in place if something happens. Knowing you have a team of professionals available to discuss life changes and transitions allows for peace of mind.

With a centralized record-keeping system, we communicate with your entire team to ensure a better continuum of care.

Care Coordination  

Care coordination involves the proactive organizing of care activities and the sharing of information among all involved with a person's care to promote safety and preserve personal independence. The goal is to understand a person's needs and preferences so that it may be communicated at the right time to the right people, to provide safe, appropriate, and effective care. We are here to help every step of the way.

Continuum LifePlan Portfolio 

Our clients work with a dedicated coordinator and team of experts to help guide and create a customized plan based on their unique situations. The portfolio serves as a centralized record-keeping system tailored for each persons' specific needs and can include an Estate Plan, Care Coordination Plan, and Emergency Care Plan.

In an emergency, you want the right plan & the right people in place to manage a loved one's care.

Care Coordination Plan  

Now you can have a centralized place, and a care coordination team, to help manage your loved one's care and the ability to share important medical information with the entire care team.  

Emergency Care Plan

Getting the best possible care during a medical emergency often depends on being ready. We put together an action plan and provide a take-with binder that travels to the hospital with you. We also engage modern technology tools that are available such as adding emergency contact screen savers to phones and QR codes with health information to ensure the entire care team is up-to-date.

HealthCare Information Safe & Secure Online Platform 

Our digital platform acts as a communication hub; it's HIPAA compliant, and fully encrypts all media data for safe transmission. You are able to grant permission to selected family members, friends, medical professionals, and care providers to access your specific health-related information. Your medications, insurance cards, doctors' offices, and preferred hospitals are all in one place. Any changes in medication or health status can be updated by a Schluter & Hughes care coordinator thereby providing a current and up-to-date profile of information.  Our care team acts as a liaison to coordinate, communicate and facilitate care needs in emergency situations as well as in daily life care.

Some additional features include: 

• Access to hospital and doctor records

• Text message & email alerts

• Centralized document access

• Communicate with the entire care team at once

• Keep the entire family informed

• Role-based, HIPAA compliant security

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There is no exact right time to make a plan. The right time to make your Continuum LifePlan is wherever you are right now. We will show you how to get started. Call for a free consultation.

Never doubt that a group of thoughtful people can be called to action and provide a change in the continuum of care.


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